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At Home Transformative Training Videos to strengthen core and pelvic floor muscles

AndFit Active Moms Program

This program focuses on healing the core, strengthening the pelvic floor, and addressing postural imbalances in the postpartum period.

Active Moms Program is 4 weeks in duration consisting of 3 classes a week:

2 strength classes, 1 mobility/yoga class.

And best of all: a private facebook group to connect with others. 


This program will help moms build a strong foundation with a focus on aiding them in returning to exercise in the postpartum period.

Regain your strength and core control for everyday life activities such as picking up the car seat, picking up your child, and helps you get back to activities you love, like running, hiking, lifting weights or stroller bootcamp. It also helps you increase your energy for your unique lifestyle.

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